Interface SJServerPlugin

All Known Subinterfaces:
SJServerAction, SJServerFileChangeListener, SJServerProjectChangeListener
All Known Implementing Classes:
SJServerActionAdapter, SJServerFileChangeAdapter, SJServerProjectChangeAdapter

public interface SJServerPlugin

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$VerNum: 5$
$AuthorName: Rob MacGrogan$

$Description: Base interface implemented by all SJServer plugins.$
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Method Summary getWorkDirectory()
          Returns a pointer to the work directory for this plugin.
 void initPlugin(java.util.Map params)
          Called after plugin is constructed.
 void setWorkDirectory( fl)

Method Detail


public void initPlugin(java.util.Map params)
                throws MissingParamException
Called after plugin is constructed. Any params in the config file are passed in as a HashMap of name/value pairs. If a plugin always requires a parameter but it is not included in the map, a MissingParamException will be thrown containing the name of the missing param.



public getWorkDirectory()
Returns a pointer to the work directory for this plugin. The directory will only be used by this plugin. A new directory will be created for each Archive this plugin is added to. No files in this directory will be added, removed, or modified by SourceJammer or any other plugins.

Please use common sense in dealing with this directory. Do not store files here unless you really need them. Delete files when you are finished with them.

For temp files, you are probably better off using SourceJammer's TempDirectoryManager (in org.sourcejammer.util in the lib package). SJ periodically wipes the temp directory clean so you don't have to worry about that.


public void setWorkDirectory( fl)

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