Class MissingParamException

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public class MissingParamException
extends org.sourcejammer.util.SourceJammerExceptionChain

Exception thrown when a plugin deffinition does not include a required parameter. If thrown when initialising the plugin, it prevents the plugin from being loaded, with the subsequent save of resources (if a required param has not been set, the plugin will not work correctly anyway, so it is better to avoid calling its methods anyway). Of course, missing optional parameters should not cause this exception being trown. To know the name of the expected parameter, use getMissingParamName().

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Field Summary
private  java.lang.String missingParam
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Constructor Summary
MissingParamException(java.lang.String param)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getMissingParamName()
          Returns the name of the missing parameter that has provoked the exception.
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Field Detail


private java.lang.String missingParam
Constructor Detail


public MissingParamException(java.lang.String param)
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getMissingParamName()
Returns the name of the missing parameter that has provoked the exception.

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