SourceJammer 1.3.0 November 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Delta

Uses of Delta in org.sourcejammer.project.controller

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.controller that return Delta
 Delta Archive.getFileVersionDelta(long versionID)
          Get specified delta object for file.
 Delta ProjectController.getFileVersionDelta(long versionID)
          Get specified delta object for file.

Uses of Delta in org.sourcejammer.project.model

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.model that return Delta
 Delta NodeLibrary.retrieveVersionDelta(NodeInfo versionNode)

Uses of Delta in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys

Classes in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys that implement Delta
 class DeltaVector
          A simple object that implements Delta but stores only a Vector.

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys that return Delta
 Delta NodeLibraryFS.retrieveVersionDelta(NodeInfo versionNode)
static Delta Util.readDeltaFromFileSys(java.lang.String rootPath, java.lang.String fileName)

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys with parameters of type Delta
static void Util.writeDeltaToFileSys(Delta delta, java.lang.String rootPath, java.lang.String fileName)

Uses of Delta in org.sourcejammer.server.source

Classes in org.sourcejammer.server.source that implement Delta
 class BinaryDelta
          Represents the differences (or delta) between two versions of a binary file such that this BinaryDelta can be applied to the "old" file version to reproduce the new file version.
 class ByteArraySource
          Represents a non-diffed byte array that implements Delta for convenience.
 class TextDelta
          This file represents the delta between two text files.
 class TextDiff
          Builds a diff from two text files and can reconstruct the second file when passed the first, using the type of EOL characters requested.

SourceJammer 1.3.0 November 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan