SourceJammer May 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan

Uses of Class

Packages that use NodeName

Uses of NodeName in org.sourcejammer.client.gui

Methods in org.sourcejammer.client.gui that return NodeName
 NodeName ProjectTreeNode.getNodeName()
          Returns NodeName object build by the client.

Methods in org.sourcejammer.client.gui with parameters of type NodeName
 void ProjectTreeNode.setNodeName(NodeName nd)

Uses of NodeName in org.sourcejammer.client.gui.conf

Methods in org.sourcejammer.client.gui.conf with parameters of type NodeName
 void GuiConf.setDefaultWorkingDirectory(NodeName nodeName, directory)
    GuiConf.getDefaultWorkingDirectory(NodeName oNodeName)

Uses of NodeName in org.sourcejammer.client.gui.dialog

Constructors in org.sourcejammer.client.gui.dialog with parameters of type NodeName
AddFilesDialog(java.awt.Frame owner, directory, NodeName node, java.lang.String[] existingFiles)
          Construct a new AddFilesDialog.
AddFilesDialog(java.awt.Dialog owner, directory, NodeName node, java.lang.String[] existingFiles)

Uses of NodeName in org.sourcejammer.project.view

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.view that return NodeName
 NodeName SJRequest.getParentNodeName()
 NodeName NodeName.getParent()
          Returns a NodeName object for the parent of the Node that corresponds to this NodeName object.
static NodeName NodeName.buildNodeNameObject(java.lang.String fullProjectPath, java.lang.String archiveName)
          Builds a NodeName from a full project path string.
 NodeName ViewLabel.getNodeNameObject()

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.view with parameters of type NodeName
 void SJRequest.setParentNodeName(NodeName nd)
 void NodeName.setParent(NodeName parent)
 void ViewLabel.setNodeNameObject(NodeName nd)

SourceJammer May 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan