SourceJammer May 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan

Uses of Interface

Packages that use NodeLibrary

Uses of NodeLibrary in org.sourcejammer.project.controller

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.controller with parameters of type NodeLibrary
static NodeList ControllerUtil.buildProjectChildList(ProjectNode projectNode, NodeLibrary lib)
          Builds a NodeList of NodeInfo objects of a ProjectNode's children.
static long ControllerUtil.getUniqueIDFromPath(long parentID, java.lang.String path, NodeLibrary library)
          Converts a string path and parent project id into the id of a node.
static void TextFileUtil.convertTextFileToProperFormat(FileNode ndFile, NodeLibrary library)
          Converts the entire version history of a text file previously saved to the new text file storage format.
 void ProjectController.setNodeLibrary(NodeLibrary lib)
          Set the NodeLibrary object for this archive.

Uses of NodeLibrary in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys

Classes in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys that implement NodeLibrary
 class NodeLibraryFS
          Class that handles locking and unlocking of project, file, and version nodes.

Methods in org.sourcejammer.project.model.filesys with parameters of type NodeLibrary
static Label ConversionTools.xmlToLabelVer1_0(org.w3c.dom.Document doc, java.lang.String fileName, NodeLibrary oLibrary)

SourceJammer May 20, 2002
Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Robert MacGrogan