The Label File

A SourceJammer label is really just a text file. An XML file, to be more exact. The label file can be check out, modified, and checked back in just like any other file.

If you want to include or exclude particular files in your label, you may want to try modifying the automatically generated file. The format is fairly simple and you can easily familiarize yourself with it by examining one of the automatically generated files.

But just in case, here are the basics.

MappedVersion--Each file in a label is represented by a MappedVersion node.
SJPath--This is that path (including the file name) that the file is "got" to when you "get" a label. If SJPath is /allfiles/somefiles/, then the file will be placed in the /allfiles/somefiles directory and be called, regardless of where the file is located and what it is named in your SourceJammer archive.
Version--The version number of the file to include in the label, where 1 first version of that file.
VersionUniqueID--Unique ID of the version of the file to include in the label. You can find out this number by looking at the Deatils dialog for the file. The unique ID for each version is listed along with the version number. Make sure that both the version number and id are correct.
FileUniqueID--Unique ID of the file. You can find this out by looking at the Details dialog for the file. The file's unique ID is on the File Info page.