Getting Folders

You can also get all of the files in a folder (including all the files in all sub-folders).


To get all the files in a folder to your computer, use the Get Folder command

  1. Browse to the folder that you want to get.
  2. Select the folder.
  3. Select Folder | Get Folder or right-click the folder and select Get Folder.
  4. This brings up the Get Folder dialog.

  5. If the folder has a default directory, then you will see a default directory path appear in the To Location field.
  6. If you want to select a different directory to get the folder to, you can browse to the directory by clicking the Browse button or simply enter the full path in the To Location field.
  7. To get all of the files in all sub-folders of the folder, select the Recursive checkbox (selected by default).
  8. If you want SourceJammer to create any missing subdirectories for the sub-folders, select the Build sub-directories checkbox (selected by default).
  9. Advanced Options: Select the End-of-line (EOL) type to apply to text files for your system. If you are using a Windows computer, select Windows style. If you are using a Linux or Unix computer, select Unix style. By default, the correct style for your computer should be selected.
  10. Click the Get button.