Change Lists

SourceJammer can automatically generate a change list to compare any two versions (or builds) of a Label. [What's a Label?]

If you want to include or exclude particular files in your label, you may want to try modifying the automatically generated file. The format is fairly simple and you can easily familiarize yourself with it by examining one of the automatically generated files.

To generate a change list:

  1. Select the Label file of the label that you want to build a change list for.
  2. Select File | Details... or right-click and select Details...
  3. In the History table, select the two versions (or builds) of the label that you want to compare in building the change list.
  4. Click the Change List button.
  5. A file dialog will pop up.
  6. Browse to the directory where you want to save the change list and enter a name for the change list.
  7. Click the Select button.

The change list file will be generated and saved to the location you have specified. You can examine the file using any text editor.