Branching and Sharing: Overview

SourceJammer allows you to "share" a singe file between multiple folders. In other words, you can have a single file that exists in more than one place in your archive. Any changes you make to a share file will immediately be reflected in all the "shares" of that file.

For example, if you share a file into three different folders and then check out the file in one of the folders, you will see that all three shares are checked out.

It is important to keep in mind that when a file is shared, no matter how many different folders it is shared to, there is still only one file.

Shared files can be branched after they have been shared. When you branch a shared file, one of the shares of the file is split off and is no longer shared. But the branched file maintains the entire history of the file it was once a share of. Also, you can view all of the branches of a file in the Branch History Report.