SourceJammer Quick Start Guide

Document version: 1.0.2. Revision Date: 08/07/2003


This guide gives step-by-step instructions for getting the SourceJammer server up and running, getting the client up and running, and creating and connecting to your first archive.

  1. Download and install the latest Java SDK from (Try the 1.4.1 download page, or the 1.4.2 page.)
  2. Download and install Jakarta Tomcat 1.4.x from
  3. Download a SourceJammer server package.
  4. Unzip the SourceJammer server package to a temp directory on your file system.
  5. For SourceJammer 1.3 -- drop the sourcejammer.war file into Tomcat's webapps directory.
    For SourceJammer 2.x -- run the install script and follow the instructions.
  6. Run Tomcat's startup script. This will start Tomcat and SourceJammer.
  7. Download a SourceJammer client package.
  8. Unzip the SourceJammer client to the location where you want the client installed, or, for an executable installation, run the installation executable. (Note: If you are installing SourceJammer client on different machine from where you installed SourceJammer server, you must install the Java SDK or JRE on your client machine before you can run SourceJammer.)
  9. Start the SourceJammer client. For Windows, run SJLaunch.exe. For Linux, run sj_gui.
  10. Click Cancel in the Connections dialog.
  11. Select Archive | Make Archive to make a new archive on the server.
  12. In the Make New Archive dialog, enter the following--Archive Name: a name for your new archive, Server URL: URL to your SourceJammer server (typically, this is http://localhost:8080/sourcejammer/servlet/rpcrouter), User: "admin", Password: "admin".
  13. Click OK. This will create a new archive on your server.
  14. Select Connections | Connect to create a new connection definition for the client.
  15. In the Connections dialog, click New.
  16. In the Connection Info dialog, enter the following--Local Alias: a local name that you want to give the connection, URL: URL to your SourceJammer server (same as the one you used in the previous step), Archive Name: same as the name you used in the previous step
  17. Click OK. This adds the new connection definition to the Connections list.
  18. Select the new connection definition in the Connections dialog.
  19. Click Connect and enter the user name and password (admin/admin) when prompted.
  20. You should now be connected to your new archive. Before you can add files to the archive, you will need to define a default directory. You can do this by selecting Folder (or Project) | Set Default Directory
  21. At this time you may also want to create a new, non-admin user for yourself and modify the admin user's password.

SourceJammer is free software and is copyright (c) 2001-2003 Robert MacGrogan.