Import/Export SourceJammer Archive

Document version: 1.0. Revision Date: 03/10/2003


Sometimes you will need to move an entire SourceJammer archive from one machine to another. Currently, there is not automatic system for accomplishing this. However, the few manual steps you need to follow are not too complicated.

Please note that you can only import/export an archive from one SourceJammer server to another if both server's are the same version. For example, you cannot import a SourceJammer 1.3 archive into a SourceJammer 2.0 server. The archive must be converted to 2.0 before it can be imported.


  1. Stop the SourceJammer server on the "old" machine (the server where the archive you want to move currently resides)
  2. Start your "new" SourceJammer server (the server that you want to move the archive to)
  3. Create a new archive on your "new" server with the same name as the archive you want to import
  4. Stop your "new" server.
  5. Locate the "archives" directory on your old machine and your new machine.
  6. There should be a directory in the "old" archive directory with the name of your archive. For example, if you archive is called MyArchive, there will be a directory archives/MyArchive.
  7. There will also be a directory with the same name on the "new" machine.
  8. Copy the contents of the "old" directory to the new directory. In the example, copy the directory archives/MyArchive from the "old" machine to archives/MyArchive on the "new" machinve. Yes, you will overwrite the existing directory. Please note that the directory will contain a lot of files. You will probably want to "zip" it before you copy it from one machine to another.
  9. Start your "new" server. When you connect to it, you should now see all the files in your "old" archive.

Note that this method does not copy user permissions. You will have to re-set those.