SourceJammer User Permissions (Version 1.2 and 1.3)

Document version: 1.0. Revision Date: 11/12/2002

User Security Levels

As of the 1.2 version of SourceJammer the following levels of user permission exist:

1. User (all users)
2. Admin (a user flagged as admin has permission to perform all actions on all archives)
3. Archive Controller (designated by admin, an archive controller is typically someone responsible for one archive, with certain administrative permissions for that archive alone).
4. Archive User (a user can only check out, check in, add files, etc., if designated as an archive user for the archive in question).
5. Anonymous (same as in 1.1. Read only access to all archives, if anonymous access is enabled).

The user management dialogs should help to make the user groups paradigm clear. Look at Admin | Maintain Users and Controller | Maintain Archive Users . . .

Restricted Archives

The 1.3 version of SourceJammer introduces restricted archives. If an archive is marked as restricted, anonymous and non-archive-user access are disabled for that archive. In order to connect to a restricted archive, a user must be either 1) an admin user, 2) an archive controller for that archive, or 3) an archive user for that archive.

To set the restricted status of an archive, log in as an admin user and go to Archive | Archive Properties, and select or de-select the "Is Restricted" checkbox and click OK.